Encephalitis Confirmed in Local Sheep

encephalitis mosquito

The form of Encephalitis Sampson the sheep had was extremely isolated and vets say they still don't know what exactly caused it.

Sampson the Barbados blackbellied sheep was only three months old and his owner says in perfect health when he had a seizure and hemorrhaged from the head on May 10th.

She brought him to Dr. Richard Garcia to check for poisoning. Four days later, Sampson still hadn't responded to any treatment and was put to sleep.

Samples of Sampson's brain were tested at a veterinary lab in Tifton. Lesions were found, but doctors believe the encephalitis may have weakened his immune system and that he became ill as a result of that.

Sampson’s owner says he was a healthy sheep one minute and deathly ill the next. She doesn't know what could have happened, but she says she has been calling all over the country to find out.