Teacher/Soldier Returns Home Temporarily

After seven months on foreign soil and literally the luck of a draw, he's returned home temporarily. Dan Swartz's November 2 return home was quickly changed by a deployment extension of the Florida National Guard, and when he was chosen for a mid-tour leave, his wife pat says he wasn't sure if it was worth taking.

One thing he's learned while overseas is to remain positive. He says this visit grants him a moment to relax.

Dan says he wishes everyone could get some leave time to give them the energy to make it through. Dan says the support of his unit will make the remaining unpredictable days easier to bear.

"We're in the home stretch everybody's pretty positive over there we're excited to see it to the end and get back," says Dan.

Only ten percent of his unit was chosen for the two-week leave. Dan says he's expected to return home mid February and he can't wait to get back in the classroom with his students.