Pilot for a Day

Eight-year-old Tyler Mallory is now an official Air Force pilot. It was a once in a life time day for Tyler. He was named "pilot for a day" at Moody Air Force Base. After suiting up, he was shown to this T-6 Texan Two aircraft.

"I think he's been overwhelmed initially but he's warmed up and is talking more, and I just think this is something he will remember for the rest of his life," says Barbara Mulligan.

And Tyler got to enjoy this special day with his entire family.

"The family has to get away from the illness as well, they need a break to, it's not just the child but the family needs this too."

After checking out the plane, it was off to the flight simulator. Tyler eagerly climbed in, ready to take to the sky, and he was very comfortable behind the controls.

Friends say they are so thankful to the base for making this day happen.

"And to have a facility like Moody is and so interested in working with these children and makes the accommodations they will make in order to fulfill this, I just think it's awesome."

And there is no doubt the airmen at Moody will remember this just as long as Tyler will. Tyler Mallory's leukemia is in remission, and Make a Wish volunteers say events like this really help a child's recovery process.