Davis Trial

The last time Calvin Davis was in a Leon County courtroom, the jury was deadlocked. Calvin Davis,is the man accused of murder and christopher thomas, is the victim. Thursay in court, for the second time, two families sat on opposite sides of the courtroom.

Witnesses tell police that a fight started when two cars came too close to each other. Police were told the gun that killed thomas was pulled out by Calvin Davis.

From the stand, lead investigator Tom Maltise spoke of the night in question. Hilda Hall, says Davis came to her home late in the evening, December 17, 1999, because Davis' brother was there. She told the jury that she heard Csay he had done something, but she also admits to not hearing the whole conversation.

Another investigator took the stand the second morning of the trial, talking about witnesses and photographic line-ups. Police say that when the shooting occurred there were about 200 people around the McDonald's. Some witnesses, who didn't take the stand Wednesday, say they remember hearingTthomas claiming to have a weapon.

His lawyer Cheryl Gentry has not indicated either way just yet. It's highly likely this trial will continue on into next week.