Crack, with a "Q" Candy

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A new candy is stirring up some trouble in Birmingham, Alabama.
The controversial candy made by Frieda Orange is called Craque, which sounds like the street name it resembles, crack.

For some, this homemade candy’s close appearance to the illegal drug is too close for comfort.

The vendor says it is not her intent to create a negative appeal to the candy...she says she named it Craque...with a "Q"...because her friends say it's so addictive.

The candy is bite-sized pieces of chocolate and peanut butter in crunchy shells covered in powdered's even packaged in small plastic “drug” bags.

The product's website, displays the different flavors like: I Love Craque, Obama Rocks, and even a special flavor made just for the Tennis Davis Cup, which takes place in Birmingham called Tennis Rocks.

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