FSU Employee Threatens WCTV for Speaking to a Student-Athlete

WCTV tried to bring you comments from an active player on the NCAA decision involving the academic scandal from 2006 and 2007.
WCTV spoke to FSU quarterback Christian Ponder by phone this afternoon (Friday, March 6th) and set up an interview with him.

After speaking with him we were contacted by FSU’s Associate Sports Information Director Elliot Finebloom. Mr. Finebloom informed us that we were not allowed to speak to Mr. Ponder and threatened us with the loss of our credentials to cover FSU athletics if we did so.

WCTV is attempting to speak with FSU to see if it intends to advise its student athletes that they are not allowed the basic right of freedom of speech.

WCTV maintains that we have the right to ask a question of anyone without the threat of revocation to an event at a public university. FSU is not a private institution. As a public institution it belongs to all the people of the state of Florida. The way we understand the law, FSU cannot operate the athletic department as a separate private entity and cannot enact any rules or guidelines that are contrary to an adult’s rights under the U.S. Constitution.

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