Money Troubles Continue for Georgia's HOPE Scholarship Program

The Hope Commission is considering dropping book and fee payment to save the scholarship program money.

Lisa Carroll says she's able to attend Southwest Georgia Technical College full-time thanks to the HOPE Scholarship, and the thought of having to pay extra for books and fees is frightening.

"Anyone on my level, and I think a lot are. we're just able to make ends meet not necessarily able to afford the ability to go to school and pay for books at the rising costs."

In most cases, the cost of one textbook can range from $60 to $150. Instructors say if this becomes law it may affect students' academic progress.

"I you don't have the book and are ‘gonna wait to see if you can get the money for a week or two weeks, classes these days there's no down time you get in and start right away, there's tests,” says Carroll.

Carroll says she may have to start from the beginning...and drop classes as she goes, but for others it may have an even greater affect.

"I think it will be a serious deterrent for people who don't have access to other finances to go to school"

Officials say ending the funding of books and fee payments would save about $125 million if discontinued next fall. The committee will meet to discuss the issue again in November. Any changes in the program have to be approved by the legislature.