Bus Crash

It's a mix of relief and sadness at Florida A&M University. The school's cross-country track athletes were involved in a bus crash early this morning.

Florida a & m's track athletes were on board this bus when it crashed near Gafnee South Carolina, just two hours from its destination. On board the bus: 20 team members, two coaches and the driver. Three people were taken to the hospital.

University president Fred Gainous says no one was seriously hurt.

Fred Gainous, President of Florida A&M University, said, “the driver will have to have a blood test and we will follow up with that."

The track team had traveled all night traveling from Tallahassee to compete in Greensboro North Carolina at the Mideast athletic conference championships.

The school is gearing up for its biggest celebration of the year -homecoming this weekend, but news of the accident is taking some of the cheer out of this pep rally.

Toni Buford, FAMU student, said, “for something like this to happen in the middle of homecoming, not to one person but to the whole team it's kind of upsetting."

Florida A & M University is known throughout the country for its school spirit and its marching band. Thousands of people will be here for the homecoming game. And now those track athletes will be here to take part in the celebration. Donna Davis, channel six, eyewitness news.

University president Fred Gainous says he's anxious to find out what caused the crash and if the school can do anything to make school trips safer.