Cutting Staff in Half

Despite the festivities Wednesday, not far away in Pelham another company faces lay offs. Darwood Manufacturing is cutting nearly half its workforce.

Employees tell us they believe it's because other clothing manufacturers are finding cheaper laborers overseas and saving money, but now 70 of Darwood's nearly 200 employees are laid off.

Most say this is a huge blow to the small town of Pelham. They say there are not too many other job opportunities there, but other say the only thing to do is keep a positive attitude.

"I'm going to miss it, but I know there is better things out there for me. I know there is a bigger and better job somewhere else," says Vera Wimbley, a Darwood employee.

Most Pelham residents tell us their biggest fear is that employees will go somewhere else to work, and then start pumping money into the economy of other towns.

Darwood Manufacturing managers declined to speak to us on camera Wednesday. Employees did say they had heard it was closing down altogether, but that is not confirmed by Darwood management.