Small Town = Big Festival Fun

The tiny city of Boston, Georgia is gearing up for a weekend of fun and thousands of visitors. Organizers say the 24th Annual Boston Mini-Marathon and Festival is one of their biggest events each year.

For months, the Boston Community Club has been working with business owners and the people who call Boston home to make this year's festival the best yet, even though some events begin Friday, the work is still in progress.

Boston, Georgia may seem to be bustling for such a small city, but this is nothing compared to the festivities planned for this weekend. The last weekend in October is a time all Bostonians have been waiting for their annual festival and mini marathon.

Each year the festival brings thousands of visitors to this tiny town of 1400, preparations have been going on for months.

"At least two or three-thousand people will show up and go through our arts and crafts and eat in our food court and either participate in our race or cheer them on," says Ann McCrickard.

"I think I'm a little out of shape to run, but I'll root everybody on that's in there, hey, come on!" Russel Kiser adds.

It takes a small town a long time to get ready to accommodate such a large crowd, but Bostonians say they're ready for the fun to begin. The festivities kicks off Friday night with the haunted house opening up at 6 p.m. and a street dance at 7:30.

The mini-marathon is 13.1 miles, but organizers say it's renowned throughout the southeast. More than 200 runners are expected from Georgia, Florida, Alabama and the Carolinas.