Tax Free Days

Shoppers and store managers alike seem to agree sales tax holidays are definitely something to celebrate. Retail employees across Georgia have been gearing up for the mad crowds this tax-free weekend will bring.

Shoppers are traveling miles out of their way to get to the peach state, and they say, for no tax, it's all worth it!

Store managers at the Thomasville Wal-Mart say this is one of their biggest weekends of the summer. No tax on clothes or footwear less than $100, computers and accessories less than $1500, and the jackpot for this time of year, tax-free school supplies!

Even with extra inventory ordered, hundreds of people are expected to be out today to beat the crowd and get the best deals early. Shoppers and store managers alike say they don't believe the state will lose $10 million tax dollars this weekend, as some lawmakers believe. They say in the end, consumer spending will raise the dollar amount. Gail

The tax-free period runs Thursday through the close of business on Sunday.

For more information on what items aren't taxable, log onto the Georgia Department of Revenue's website at