Gov. Bush Says Cuban Return "Just Not Right"

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The governor says he has not spoken directly to President Bush about the situation. He he has told The Miami Herald he has asked several high-level officials in the administration to review what happened and why.

The governor's remarks come as the president and the Republican Party face rising anger among Cuban-American exile leaders. Exiles say it's only the latest offense by a GOP president who has failed to fulfill campaign promises to toughen policies targeting Fidel Castro's government.

The governor hints at a major announcement of some kind by his brother's administration in the coming months related to Cuba policy. In his words, "I think this can be rectified.''

In negotiations with Cuba last week, the U.S. government agreed to return the would-be migrants if their lives would be spared. The Cubans, who are suspected of hijacking a boat and three of 15 passengers, could each be sentenced to up to ten years in prison.

The governor was careful during Thursday's interview to defend his brother's overall record on Cuba policy. He blames lack of action on the national security team's focus on terrorism and war.