Accident on Interstate 10

Interstate 10 in Tallahassee became a motoring nightmare for hundreds Friday afternoon. Four separate accidents backed up traffic for miles.

The Florida Highway Patrol says the accidents involved two semis, a pickup, an SUV and an ambulance, all in the eastbound lane of I-10 near the 199-mile marker, and FHP says it will be quite a task trying to sort out how it all happened.

FHP says around 12:30 p.m. a three-car carrier lost control in the rain and flipped, blocking both lanes of I-10. An ambulance in an eastbound lane saw this occur and pulled over. On the westbound side, a semi cab driver hit his breaks, lost control and went over the median and hit the ambulance, stopping in the tree line. There were two more subsequent accidents after that, shutting I-10 down for hours.

The tractor cab in the tree line was leaking diesel fuel; so environmental protection teams were called out as well. The entrance ramps to I-10 were shut down, but the lanes and entrances have been opened since around 3 p.m. Friday afternoon.

FHP says the amazing thing in all of this no one was seriously hurt, and also says they believe those three cars are homeland security vehicles that were being delivered, but that'll be held up until repairs are made.