What Not to Bring to School

Is there a rule of thumb parents should stick to when back to school shopping? School officials encourage parents to stick to the list approved by the school and know what your child is bringing every day, because even innocent mistakes can get them into trouble.

Lawanda Beasley is getting her girls geared up for their first day of school, making sure they have all the supplies needed to bring home A's. Lawanda says without the guide, she wouldn't know what to get. While the must-have supply sheet is an easy find, what about the list of things your kids can't bring to school?

Leon County school resource officer Lyman Babcock has pretty much seen everything students shouldn't stow in their lockers or backpacks, and the county has a zero tolerance policy prohibiting the possession items considered disruptive or dangerous like laser pointers and pocket knives.

So, back to the shopping isle. The best advice stick to the list, otherwise you won't know what to get and what not too. School resource officer Babcock is also encouraging parents to use clear backpacks. That way you can be sure they aren't taking anything to school they shouldn't be.

To get a copy of the county's zero tolerance policy and find the school supply list, log on to www.leon.k12.fl.us