Jump Start Voting in South Georgia

Monday voters in Thomasville took advantage of a new five-day advance voting system; citizens now have the convenience of voting a week ahead of time without the restrictions of absentee voting. They're looking for ways to improve voter turnout, and they say the option to vote early without the wait will put them on the right track.

Lisa Greene, Thomasville's chief deputy registrar, says she's heard every excuse in the book that accounts for low voter turnout statewide.

"I just don't have time, I can't stand in those long lines, my employer won't let me off that long this will eliminate all of that."

Greene says she hopes advanced voting will encourage voters to come out early, but because it's the first time they've offered voting of this kind, the county doesn't know what to expect.

Advance voting is similar to absentee voting, but you don't have to provide a reason to do so.

"You just come fill out an application just as always for an absentee except you don't check any of the reasons given on the application," Lisa Greene adds.

Greene says this acts as a trial run for the city, and she hopes to see turnout increase at the polls just in time for next years presidential race. Voters in Thomasville can go to the Hill Building on West Jefferson Street, and voters in other south Georgia towns can go their City Hall each day until Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

There are two contested races and three unopposed. For City Board of Education at Large it's between W. Jesse Booth, II and Ira Flowers.

For City Board of Education District 1, Lucinda Brown, Matthew Conyers, Jr. and Andy Jones. Voters choose two in that race.

Running unopposed is incumbent David Lewis for City Council Member District 1, incumbent Camille Payne for Council Member District 2, and City Board of Education District 2 is incumbent George Lilly.