FAMU's College of Pharmacy Gets Big Financial Boost

The National Institutes of Health have awarded a large sum to FAMU's School of Pharmacy, giving a boost to the school in several ways.

Monday FAMU announced a record $10 million biomedical research endowment from NIH, giving the entire university a boost for its capital campaign to bring in $251 million campus wide.

Dr. Fred Gainous said,” In the last 15 months we've secured $137.6 million in grants and contracts with the university during this campaign.”

Visiting members of the National Committee for Research Centers in Minority Institutions say FAMU's productivity keeps the money coming.

Pharmacy dean Henry Lewis says the endowment will help the college continue cutting edge research from cancer to HIV/AIDS.

Dr. Lewis also told said the college has a patent pending on anti-cancer drug that was just discovered by FAMU researchers.