Davis Trial Verdict

It took a jury two and a half hours to convict Calvin Davis of murder. And that verdict comes after a mistrial and four painful years of waiting.

It's been four years since Christopher Thomas was gunned down in a McDonald’s parking lot.

But it took a jury just two and a half hours to find accused triggerman Calvin Davis guilty of murder.

The Thomas family and the Davis family sat on opposite sides of the aisle, as lawyers recounted that deadly December night.

The night 18-year-old Christopher Thomas was shot six times during an argument over which driver pulled out in front of the other.

Davis never testified in the trial. And his lawyers tried to convince the jury that he acted in self-defense, afraid for his life, as Thomas lunged at him.

The jury didn't buy it. Thomas wasn't armed, and witnesses testified he'd challenged Davis to a fistfight, not a gunfight. Calvin Davis, guilty as charged of first-degree murder.

The penalty phase of the trial was slated to begin Tuesday morning. But Calvin Davis decided late Monday afternoon not to risk the death penalty. He opted to waive all appeals in exchange for a life sentence instead