Gadsden County Redistricting

County commissioners just approved a new redistricting map they say will make balloting more equitable countywide.

This new redistricting plan was needed to reflect the growth population in the county, commissioners wanted to make sure they had roughly the same amount of voters in all the districts.

Gadsden County Commissioner Carolyn Roberson says in her seven years as a county commissioner she's had the smallest voting population.

County commissioners unanimously approved a redistricting map making it more equitable across the board.

By law the county must redraw district lines in an odd year following the census and in 2001 the county failed to do so. The newly drawn lines means some voters will find themselves in a new district.

Some residents say in the past they would have to travel quite a distance to cast their votes, they're now hoping their precinct will be closer to home.

Commissioners say with this new map voters may not have to travel more than 3 to 4 miles for a polling place.

The new lines will be in effect for 10 years; the state mandates that after every census, counties have to redraw redistricting lines to reflect the growth in population.