Domestic Violence Report

The American Institute on Violence says every day more than three women are murdered by a lover. Domestic violence isn't a problem in America only. All over the world, it's estimated that one in three women has been abused in some way in her lifetime. Here at home, things might not be as bad as they seem.

Every year, communities gather together to remember those who have been killed in a domestic violence situation. At these vigils people realize that everyone fits the victim profile. While some states are reporting a surge in domestic violence, here in Florida, FDLE says there's been an almost two percent drop.

In Leon County the rate has gone up almost seven percent, but victim advocates say it may not be what it looks like.

"There are a lot more resource now. Sometimes when you develop resources, problems seem to be getting bigger, but it's because people realize there's help out there and are coming forward saying: help me," says Kathy Connolly.

Victim advocates and police say that despite this progress, a common problem they face is silence.

"We need to encourage victims to follow through and prosecute. It's a big problem that we see, uncooperative victims who won't talk to us," says SGT Curtis Parker, LCSO.

Shelters are often crowded, as more and more victims are getting out, which they say supports the idea that domestic violence may not necessarily be on the rise in our area. If you would like more information contact the Refuge House at 800-500-1119.