Race Relations on Local Campuses

The heads of local colleges and universities started off a two-day race relations event in Tallahassee Tuesday. Students at Florida State University say race relations on campus are ok.

While creating harmony on campus is a focus, leaders at FSU, FAMU and TCC are also looking at the college’s role in the community. During Tuesday's race relations summit, TCC's Dr. Bill Law says schools have a responsibility to promote unity.

“I think TCC needs to partner with local organizations where we can bring our expertise to the table and they can see TCC as part of the lives of young people.

College heads say its a two way street. FAMU president Dr. Fred Gainous points to the hundreds of students who volunteer in the community.

“In doing so they bring a different cultural expectation, heritage and provide and avenue of exposure, as well as growth for our students.

This was just one segment of the two-day event. Tuesday from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. a free public forum will be held at City Hall, it's titled "Your role in building one community.”