Operation Care and Share Getting Supplies to Troops Overseas

Operation Care and Share based out of Live Oak, Florida is limping along right now, and that's why the group is asking for help so troops can get a comfort package in time for the holidays.

Alyce Brown and several volunteers have been putting together care packages for American troops since January.

"We decided its time to let them know that we care. That we're going to be there for these kids, they can't quit on us, so I don't want to quit on them."

Both local troops and soldiers from around America have requested these gift boxes, which contain nearly $30 worth of goods, like pen and paper, phone cards, snacks, deodorant, powder drinks and flea collars to combat the desert's sand fleas.

Soldiers often write back, with many thank-yous.

"Your package was like Christmas all over again, thank you so very much. Your thoughts and gifts are greatly appreciated, God Bless."

But putting these packages together isn't cheap, and operation care and share is running out of funds to keep the program alive. Volunteers say the entire community needs to get behind this project so local troops don't feel abandoned.

"It’s necessary for them to know that we out here appreciate what they're doing over there and they're in our hearts and we're thinking about them," says Doreen Goolsby.

And operation care and share is a non-profit group, meaning any donation will not only help lift the spirits of our troops, but can also serve as a tax deduction. Donations can be made at the CNB Banks in Live Oak or Lake City, Florida.