Body Found in Apalachicola

A body was found in the woods Sunday afternoon, but officials say they can't tell the gender or ethnicity of the body yet. At the crime scene investigators say a very decomposed body was found this past weekend. Two hunters in the woods stumbled upon skeletal remains behind this shack in an alley on the west side of town.

“When I first saw it, it looked like dog bones, but then looked down and saw legs, ribs, shoulder, I knew then it was human,” says Charles Brown, who discovered the body.

Brown called police who contacted the sheriff's office and FDLE to assist in the investigation, all of which believe they have a murder case on their hands.

Sheriff Varnes says the body could have been here for 2-3 months. Brown agrees, saying he couldn't tell if the victim was male or female, just that he saw a large hole in the top of the skull. Meanwhile, word on the street has shocked locals.

“You never had this happen before, as a resident you'd like to know what's going on. There could be a murderer walking around,” says Curtis Baucham, a resident.

Many questions still remain in this quiet fishing town, where a seafood festival and the Halloween holiday should be on the minds of people living here, but instead many are thinking about a possible murder in their backyard.

Many residents say the alley where the body was found is known for its drug activity, but investigators say it's too soon to tell if the death was drug related. Keep tuned to Eyewitness News for the latest details.