Red Ribbon Week

In 1986, a drug enforcement agent was kidnapped and killed after coming close to breaking up a drug cartel in Mexico. Nearly 18 years later people are still paying tribute to his heroic actions, even here in Leon County.

A small red ribbon pinned across the heart sends a big message to students like Andrea Heggins. Heggins is one of dozens of Leon County kids taking part in Red Ribbon Week, and taking a stand against drugs.

Florida's first lady Columba Bush has been on the front lines of the war on drugs. Her daughter Noelle recently completed a drug rehabilitation program after she was arrested in January 2002, accused of trying to pass a phony Xanax prescription.

To send the message home, Jim McDonough with the office of drug control makes this comparison, each day one to two soldiers die over seas fighting for freedom, troops who've given their lives for a noble cause. While here at home, medical examiners around the state perform nearly two-dozen autopsies a day for victims of a different war.

In a recent survey of Florida school kids, 80 percent of them said they think marijuana is not cool, while 94 percent of them say drugs in general are not cool.