Car Seats Are Saving Lives

If you're a parent you no doubt know the value of a car seat, and a Leon County family is testimony to that. Deputies say that 8 out of 10 child seats are installed incorrectly. To help bring that number down, law enforcement agencies will inspect and help install these seats the correct way, and now there's official proof it's saving lives.

September 25 changed Mary Lee Rouse's life. That was the day Leon County sheriff's deputies installed a child safety seat in her car for her grandson Jake. Five days later, it proved to be the greatest choice she'd ever made.

"We were stopped at a red light and we where hit, hard, from behind. It upset me because my grandson was with me," Mary says.

It's estimated by AAA that more than 96 percent of car seats are not securely in place.

"There's just so many variables to install a seat properly. Sometimes people are lazy and don't want to read the instructions."

Deputies say that sometimes people don't want to take the time out of their day to see them, or just keep putting it off.

“If Ms. Rouse had put it off a few more days, her grandchild would have been involved in a serious crash," says Sheriff Larry Campbell.

Mary Lee Rouse says it was the best time investment she's ever made.

"I think when you consider the life of our children, the thing we hold most precious, then it's a small inconvenience to do,” Sheriff Campbell adds.

Deputies would also like everyone to know, that if you have a car seat, and you are in an accident, the seat has to be replaced. Even if it looks ok, replace the seat.

There are set times for the public to go by and see the deputies about car seat inspections:

Tallahassee Police Department
Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m. with appointment only

Florida Highway Patrol
Fridays at 8-11a.m.

Leon County Sheriff's Office
Mondays 9-11a.m.