Wakulla County Gets EMS Grant

The Florida Department of Health has awarded grant money to six counties for EMS teams. Tucked away in Wakulla County lies a very important building, filled with men and women who make a living of saving lives.

Rogers is the acting EMS director in Wakulla County. He and his team work around the clock responding to emergency calls throughout the region.

“It's tough because we are a good way from hospitals- so it takes longer from the time we get patients to the time we deliver them to the hospital,” says Bill Harris, a Wakulla County EMT.

A common problem for many rural counties in Florida. Now, Florida's Department of Health is trying to ease some burden. It's awarded $110,000 to six counties strictly for emergency services.

Wakulla County will receive about $7,400; Suwannee County gets almost $15,000. Liberty County walks away with more than $10,000, and Franklin County receives just under $7,000.

“We live and die with grants it allows us to keep up with technology and services. The equipment needed for EMS is very expensive,” says Parrish Barwick, a Wakulla County administrator.

Take for instance Wakulla County's $7,400 grant, Rogers says that will maybe cover the cost of two hand-held radios and two training sessions for his team this year.

Showing the life saving business can carry a hefty price tag. These grants were made possible through the EMS county grant program. The funds are generated from a surcharge on fines for major traffic violations.