Valdosta Mayoral Election

This following the recent death of Mayor James Rainwater; Rainwater was seeking re-election and some want to remove his name. The death of Valdosta Mayor James Rainwater has left many in the Azalea City questioning how next Tuesday's election should happen.

That's why the city council called for this hearing, so a superior court judge could rule on several issues. One of the issues whether candidate rainwater's name should be on the ballot.

During the hearing, Lowndes County Supervisor of Elections Deborah Cox was questioned on the board's original plan to instruct voters that a vote for rainwater was a wasted vote because he could not serve his term if re-elected.

City council member Willie Head who was against this kind of hearing from the start says he thinks Tuesday's election should move ahead without Rainwater's name on the ballot.

"I think the evidence shows that he's no longer a viable, eligible candidate because of his death and so the people should be given an opportunity to vote for the 2 remaining candidates," says Wille Head, city councilman.

The issue is now before the judge and a ruling should be handed down sometime late Thursday or on Friday morning. City leaders say a court ruling was needed because there is no Georgia law regarding how this kind of situation should be handled. We'll keep you posted on the judge's ruling.