Tracking Kids

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Shannon Torrez is due in a Missouri courtroom Thursday for arraignment on charges she kidnapped a newborn after slashing the mother's throat.

It's a parent's worst nightmare come to life, and has many moms and dads thinking about monitoring systems for their children.

The kidnapping of baby Abigal Woods last Friday has many parents thinking, 'that could have been my child and what can I do to protect my babies from being abducted?'

Parent Kim Jackson says her family recently got a dog to keep a watch over the house and her son Rian, yet some parents are turning to the World Wide Web for child monitoring devices like GPS tracking systems and video monitors.

Parents say it’s frightening to admit the world has come to such extremes that you would consider putting a tracking device on your children.

Several parents say the GPS monitoring for your child is a bit extreme and they fear it could be used by people with the wrong intentions to locate their child.