Black History Museum in Thomasville

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It's history, almost 30 years in the making. Jack Hadley has been collecting artifacts and pictures since 1979. He came up with the idea for a black history museum when his son came home from school one day.

Hadley says, "He was in high school, he came home and mentioned to the wife and I that this was black history month and there was no emphasis placed on black history. So we went to Ebony magazine and Jet magazine and cut out articles."

Slowly his small collection started growing, he just needed some more space. So in 2002, the alumni association of Douglas High School leased the Douglas complex to Hadley so he could live out his dream, but it wasn't cheap.

Hadley says, "So I launched in August 2005 a fundraiser and I knew it was going to take close to $126,000 to renovate this complete building so the Good Lord blessed us and we raised $82,000."

The museum includes black history from around the nation, but also history from around the area, even including some Hadley family history.

Hadley says, "My mother did hair, and this was the chair she used, and hair dryer...she did hair her whole life until she passed away."

Jack Hadley's dream of educating the young and honoring those who paved they way for those who live today is almost complete.

Even though this may look like a lot of work for one man to take on, Hadley says it's a contribution that will last throughout years to come.

The grand opening date has not yet been set but Jack Hadley says the cost to get in for adults will be about five dollars, and that money will go towards keeping up with the building.