22-Year-Old Man Shot and Killed in Lakeland, GA UPDATE

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UPDATED 4:50PM, 4/1/09

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has charged a man for last Thursday's shooting death in Lakeland, Georgia.

Lakeland Police say 24-year-old Darrell Scott faces a charge of malice murder for the shooting death of 22-year-old Robert Croft.

Officials say Croft was shot in the chest and left to die on Talley Avenue around 10 PM Thursday night.

Croft died minutes later at the hospital.

Darrell Scott was originally arrested by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation on drug distribution charges.

Through further investigation, detectives linked Scott to the shooting death of Robert Croft.

Investigators have not identified a motive at this time.

Scott is being held at the Lowndes County Jail without bond.

UPDATED 5:19pm, 3/28/09

Police are still investigating the murder of Robert Croft. Authorities say they have questioned several people regarding the shooting. However, no arrests have been made.

Lakeland Police say this is the 4th fatal shooting and 5th murder in the city limits in less than a year.

Lakeland, GA------

Police are searching for the person who shot and killed a 22-year-old man Thursday night.

The victim, Robert Croft, was a young father who leaves behind a two-month old son. Croft was only one week shy of his 23rd birthday.

The tears say it all.

A mother clenching her daughter, sobbing for their irreplaceable loss...

"He was my baby, her brother. She's 15 years old and her brother is gone and my baby is gone and there's no bringing him back," said Croft's Mother, Antoinette Brown.

Less than 24 hours ago, Antoinette Brown received the worst news of her life.

"My daughter-in-law called me and told me my son's been shot. I didn't know he was dead until I got to the hospital. My other son told me he was dead."

Police say Brown's son, 22-year-old Robert Croft, was shot in the chest and left to die on Talley Avenue in Lakeland last night.

Minutes later, he was pronounced dead at Louis Smith Hospital.

"Just wonder how somebody could be so cruel to take my baby from me," said Brown.

Now, tears stain the faces of his loved ones who demand to know why this had to happen.

Even more tragic, Croft left behind a baby boy Deshaun.

"This baby will never know his daddy now. A beautiful two-month-old baby has got to grow up now with no father," said Brown.

Police say they have no leads and no suspects at this time. Croft's family hopes that anyone with any information will come forward and help solve this crime.

Police say this is the 4th fatal shooting and 5th murder in Lakeland in less than a year.

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