Domestic Attack Turns Deadly

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Those who were close to her say she's in a better place. Family members describe Pamela Grambling as a loving, caring person who goes out of the way for others, and she was like a mother to everyone.

"She had one kid that was hers that she birth, but I bet you she had at least 50 ‘youngens’ that she took care of," said Lindsay Padgett, Grambling's niece.

The Taylor County Sheriff's Office says Grambling was attacked Saturday morning by her live-in boyfriend, Carl Kenneth Thomley, an attack that left Grambling in a coma.

"My aunt, she never deserved anything like this. She’d help you anyway she could. I love her and I miss her," said Jefferson Padgett, Grambling's nephew.

Padgett was not the only relative who said Thomley's act of violence was unwarranted.

"Pam, she did not deserve this. She was the kind of person, like I said, would help. Her door is always open to anybody and she would help anybody she could," added Grambling's cousin, James Moore.

Family members say it was a hard decision to remove Grambling from life support, but it was the will of Grambling to be take off life support if ever left in a vegetative stage.

Thomley is held in the Taylor County Jail on aggravated domestic battery charges. Investigators say it now up to the state attorney to decide if and when those charges will be upgraded to homicide.