Discrimination Probe

The Florida attorney general's office is investigating a black family's claims that a motel owner forbid them from swimming in the motel pool.

Welcome to Perry, a quaint historic north Florida town with a nasty reputation for racism. The latest incident involves the Southern Inn. The state attorney general's office is investigating an incident which allegedly happened here at the swimming pool of the southern motel last summer.

According to this complaint, members of a black family were told by the motel owner quote, “Colored people aren't allowed in the pool.” It's an allegation motel owner Raj Patel denies.

Patel says he'll fight the complaint. Allegations of blatant racism are nothing new to this town. The owner of a liquor store and bar faced charges after an African American lawmaker from Maryland was told he needed to go to the back of the bar to be served, but those who work here say Perry is no different than any other town.

Raj Patel says he knows the town has a racist reputation, but he denies being a part of it. The state attorney general's office says if necessary it is prepared to enforce the civil rights legislation enacted earlier this year.