Mega Million Winner

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Imagine winning $163,000,000. Now imagine being the owner of the store to sell the winning ticket. The Stop 'N' Buy in Bainbridge, Georgia sold the winning ticket to Ben Chason, and now the family-owned business gets a check for $25,000.

Andy Patel is co-owner of the store and said, "It's really exciting that my store sold the ticket and we got $25,000 and we get it out of all these other stores, and we're really excited!"

Georgia lottery officials say any Georgia lottery retailer who sells a winning Mega Million jackpot ticket can earn $25,000.

Right inside the convenient store, where lives were changed forever, the Patels were awarded the huge check. As you can see they're all smiles, and they already have big plans for the money.

Peter Patel is co-owner of the store and he said, "We're planning on remodeling counters and wracks and putting more lotto machines up."

Ben Chase will go down in history as the largest winner in Georgia lottery history, and now so will the Stop 'N' Buy.