Grandparents Head to School in Quincy

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Once a year parents bring their children to work with them. Yvonne Murphy is getting her blood pressure checked, but that's not the only thing she's got her pulse on.

Murphy and several others are participating in Grandparent's Day at Gadsden Elementary Magnet School in Quincy.

Yvonne Murphy said, "I wanted to be with my grandson today to learn more about the activities and things he's doing in class."

Murphy's presence on campus is garnering rave reviews from her grandson.

Mark McClendon said, "I'm happy that's she's here with me because I'm not alone by myself."

The school was buzzing with activities for both children and their grandparents. The kids got their faces painted and took a tour of the city's fire truck.

Several different agencies were on hand showcasing products from health care to the latest cancer research on the school's front lawn, but simply lending a supporting and loving hand proved to be just the right antidote.

Lillie McDuffie added, "I want her to get that I care enough to be here with her."

That loving attitude can carry on in the classrooms, helping kids see a bright future academically.

Charlie Harris said, "They see grandparents enthusiastic about their learning and they like to impress grandparents, and I think that helps."

Teachers say what also helps is the grandparents’ and children's commitment to strive for excellence in education at one of the county's "A" schools.

Grandparent's Day is an annual event at the magnet school. This year's theme is the “healthy lifestyles luau.”