Drug Awareness

By Kate Gaier
1:15 p.m. September 23, 2006

The Thomasville Police Department is teaching classes to all city employees about drug and alcohol awareness.

LT Rachelle Denmark said, "We are all city employees and we have to be aware of certain things that can affect us on our job. Drugs and alcohol are one of those things and education is the key."

By educating its employees, the city is taking a stance against drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace.

Derek Knight is a city employee and said, "I think it's a good thing so they know where the city stands, zero tolerance. Also, if someone might have a problem the city is coming forward offering them help."

But the course isn't just to help fellow employees. The Police Department is teaching workers signs to look for when dealing with the public.

"We do a lot of house calls, customer service type things, and it's good to know some of the signs to look for," said LT Denmark.

Knight added, "If you're in a house or working an accident and you see something suspicious your able to pick up on it and pass it along."

And passing the information along city employees can help the police department have nearly four hundred pairs of extra eyes watching out in the fight against drugs.

All city employees are required to take the class.