Memorabilia on Display for Lincoln High School Alumni

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After 50 years, Annie Hinton and Mary Ann Crawford pick up right where they left off.

"We met the first day of school at Lincoln and we were here for four years," said Annie Hinton.

Decades later the alums came back to Tallahassee's Lincoln High School.

"My girlfriend showed up, my best buddy showed up, everything was good," said Mary Ann Crawford.

Lincoln served as the primary public education center for African Americans in Leon County from 1869-1969. Today alumni celebrate the opening of the Lincoln Room, a museum honoring the original Lincoln High School on West Brevard Street.

The museum holds yearbooks, trophies, plaques and photos, but retrieving these memorabilia were not easy.

"Nothing was saved it was all discarded and we are trying to recreate that memory and what we once had," said Mack Bush, director of the Lincoln Center.

Everything in the center was donated by former teachers and students like this may day dress dating back to 1965. Crawford and Hinton said the day marks another milestone in their friendship.

The director said the museum is part of Tallahassee's revitalization initiative in the Frenchtown community, and is open to the public during normal business hours.