Take Home Drug Test Kits

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Parents are cracking down, finding ways to test their children for illegal drugs. Since 1999, sales for home drug test kits have more than doubled to six billion dollars last year.

Lack of trust between parents and children may be a reason for the spike in sales.
There are many types of drug test kits you can buy over the counter. The kits test for a variety of drugs including cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamine and ecstasy, just to name a few.

Suzanne Byrnes, a mother of three, said, "If you wonder at all, then you can go out and get one of these kits and test at home right away and either get rid of the worries you have, or take the precautions you need."

Some teenagers feel like parents are getting too nosy.

Erin Litvak, a freshman at Florida State University, said, "My parents never pulled anything like a take-home drug test on me, but I guess having friends who have done drugs, I guess it would kind of be like an invasion of privacy on their part. But I could see where their parents are coming from."

Some parents say there are signs to look for to determine whether of not you need to give your kid a drug test.

Lynn Fuller, a mother of grown children, said, "If their behavior had changed recently, dropping grades, coming home late at night, then yeah, I would because of fear for them."

The drug testing kits are conveniently available at many drug stores and online. The price of the drug testing kit ranges anywhere from $15 to $90.