Career Fair at FAMU for Pharmacy Students

It's good to be a FAMU pharmacy student, just ask the orange and green who had a chance to meet potential employers at a career fair Friday. Students say they're just looking for the right job prescription.

The 20th annual FAMU Pharmacy Career Fair has brought big name companies from across the nation. For Walgreens, it's a worthwhile trip.

Unlike some career fairs, it’s not just a browsing of booths and picking up flyers. Every half hour, FAMU pharmacy students sit down for an interview.

Students say FAMU professors stress professionalism and clinical knowledge in the college of pharmacy. Two requirements students will eventually see pay off.

“It’s definitely a good feeling; while other majors are worried about finding a job we have so many options, sometimes its overwhelming in a good way, says Tamara Redo.

Eckerds, Shand's Healthcare and Procter and Gamble were a few other companies represented Friday.