Midway Recovering from Budget Woes

The interim city manager says the city looked at the entire budget to find ways to cut corners, including telephone and electric service. After years of poor management, a $250,000 deficit and the loss of the police department, the city of midway is back in good standing.

"We just went into a very tight budget where we didn't spend any money at all we were able to negotiate with the Department of Justice to get the 140-thousand dollars down to about $1800. The city right now does not owe any money to anybody and we have over $100,000 in the bank," says Paul Piller, interim city manager.

With the city now on good footing, Piller is taking on a new project trying to attract new businesses to the area and create jobs for midway residents.

"The city manager has begun a new annexation process here at the corner of I-10 and US 90 in Midway to annex some 500 acres of property that will double the tax base."

City council Ronald Colston is pleased with the progress Piller has made, but says there one important ingredient missing.

"We used to have red flags when we apply for grants, we've received tow grants to improve the roads so actually now the city is up and coming. The only thing now is the fact that we don't have a police department," says Colston.

Colston says the council has set aside money in the budget to re-establish the city's police department. Right now Piller is focusing on this annexation process.

Once they get this 500 acres annexed in the city, pillar says they are trying to attract anything like hotels and shopping stores. They are not interested in lets say an asphalt plant or factories