Abuse in a Child's Eye

Prosecutors say prevention, not prosecution, is the key to saving victims and their children from the horrors of domestic violence, and they hope a PSA through the eyes of a child will do just that.

In 1993, after serving six years in prison, Kimberley Soubielle was freed, the first woman in Florida to be granted clemency for killing her batterer husband. Today her story is being told through the eyes of the child she ran to that historical day.

Allison is speaking out on behalf of all the kids who witness domestic violence, lending a child eye's view to the monster that haunts tens of thousands of Florida families.

State attorney Willie Meggs says by the time a domestic violence case catches his eye. It's all too often a murder charge.

For 18-year-old Allison, the harm meant loosing her dad and living without her mom. By telling her story, Allison hopes those who see the sings of abuse, but close their eyes will take this one child's view to heart and take action.

Last year, Florida's Domestic Violence Centers provided shelter to more than 13,000 people, primarily women and children.