"Master Teachers"

By Kate Gaier
4:00 pm September 25, 2006

Louise Phillips teaches math at Thomas County Central High School. Recently she beat out hundreds of Georgia teachers to receive the title "Master Teacher."

Phillips said, "It's an honor, there's no doubt about that. It lets us know that we're doing things right in Thomas County, and that's the bottom line. Our goal is the success of our students."

It's a big title that took nothing less then 100 percent dedication. Phillips has to show evidence of student learning gains through standardized tests.

Iesha Dunbar is a 10th grader at Central High and said, "I think it's good because she takes out her time to help us out. She doesn't let us slack off, she pushes us to the limit and makes us do our best."

Jada Pric, another 10th grader, added, "I think that's good because I know that she's a good teacher and she's going to teach me the stuff I need to know to pass the class."

Phillips isn't the only teacher getting top honors. Veronica Glee, a special education teacher at Central, is also honored.

"It takes a lot patients and endurance to stay in the field, and I'm committed to the field 100 percent I'm just glad to receive this award," said Glee.

With this award both teachers demonstrate their passion for their work and determination in seeing each and every student succeed. "Master Teachers" are now eligible to go on and become academic coaches, sharing their experiences with other teachers.