Non-Teachers Get Pay Raise in Gadsden County

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Gadsden County school employees responsible for everything from answering phones to feeding kids are about to get a pay raise, and even though the employees wanted more, both sides are pleased with the final deal.

Tony Britt has been working as a custodian in the Gadsden County School District for 19 years, and in that time he's seen the district slowly take steps to increase paychecks for employees, including non instructional workers.

Tony Britt said, "This year it's three percent, but the step increase it should equal to about six percent."

The proposed budget calls for several changes:

* Bus drivers going on field trips currently making $6.50 will now get $9.00 an hour.

* Federally funded drivers earning $7.50 will double their rate to $15.00 an hour.

In addition to the pay hike, the school board will offset health insurance increases for all these non-instructional employees.

Paul Burdette said, "Looking at the budget and what the board is doing now with cost cutting, the board gave all that it could three percent is a stretch for them. They put the money up front and on the table."

A table that consist of hard-working employees who are instrumental in helping the district run smoothly and efficiently.

Those non-instructional employees will head back to the bargaining table early next year, hoping to get an even bigger pay raise.