Saving for Retirement

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Thad Brewer says when he was younger he didn't think about retirement, but now the time to retire is near and Brewer says he never really had an opportunity to save anything.

Thad Brewer said, "No, I haven't had the opportunity. I'm having to spend everything I make just to make ends meat."

Others who did save say it's getting harder to put away a retirement fund because rising prices continue to surround us everyday.

Sharon Heard said, "I think now people aren't able to save because of expenses being so horrible. I think young people need to set that up for themselves."

Financial adviser Rick Thomas says if you start saving at the age of 25, and put away more than $300 a month, you could have more than $1 million by the time you retire. If you start saving ten years later at the age of 35, you'll have more than $900,000 by the time you're ready to retire. That's a difference of almost $800,000 in savings.

Financial Adviser Rick Thomas said, "People need to participate in their employers’ retirement plan. If you have a three percent match and you put in three percent, that's a 100 percent return on your money; you can't get that from the bank.

Financial experts say you're never too young to start thinking about retirement and signing up for those 401Ks, and if you think putting away puts you in a financial pinch, they say every little bit helps when it comes to your financial future.

Money experts say if you need advice about how much to put away each month, talk to your accountant or financial adviser.