Feds Allowing Some Liquids on Flights

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Once again it’s alright to have liquids in the skies, but there are still restrictions.

The government has made a revision to the ban against carrying liquids and gels onto planes. Passengers can now purchase liquids and gels at airport stores once they have cleared security checkpoints.

Now that protocol is changing, some travelers say they were not necessarily displeased with the current restrictions.

"I think that whereas it may have caused a lot of problems for some people, especially people with younger children, formula milk and things like that. I think the stringent tests are actually a good idea ‘cause it means you can feel safe while you fly," said Iris Prudom, a flight passenger.

Privileges to carry liquids and gels on to flights were suspended after British police foiled a terrorist plot in England early August involving liquid explosives.

Some passengers say whether they can take liquids on to a flight or not isn't a problem.

"The idea of bringing liquids and gels on board wasn't the major inconvenience to me, so the fact they are now allowing it does not necessarily bother me one way or the other," commented Errol Wilson, a plane traveler.

Travelers also will be able to bring small toiletries from home which must fit in a one quart size plastic bag. Travel officials say the new security measures begin Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. and will remain indefinitely.