Students Staying Back Because of CRCT Scores

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Many Thomas County students are repeating the third, fifth, or eighth grade, and others were just placed into the next grade rather than passing.

Georgia students who did not pass the Criterion Referenced Competency Test have the chance to take a refresher course over the summer and retest. For those who failed, a decision was made to promote or hold them back.

Cross Creek Elementary Principal Bernice Mitchell said, "At that point we start scheduling for students and parents to come in and meet with the teacher, myself, and guidance counselors, and as a group look at the data."

In Thomas County for the third grade, out of those who retested, two were held back and 16 were placed. As for fifth graders, 20 students were held back while 32 were promoted to the next grade. In the eighth grade class, 14 were held back and 23 were placed ahead. Teachers have now organized new ways to get these students back on track.

Sixth grade guidance counselor Tiffany Oldham said, "We worked yesterday with just imagining your favorite place, a place where you feel most relaxed, and picturing yourself making that goal and seeing yourself achieve it."

The students’ progress is monitored throughout the year so teachers can better help them before testing time rolls around once again. Guidance counselors say the school also provides many ways for parents to become involved, including open house and parent nights.