High Test Scores Raise Red Flags

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Some students at Canopy Oaks Elementary School are taking their annual achievement test for a second time. The district is saying some of the original scores from last year's test were skewed.

Some students ended up with perfect scores, sending up a red flag.

"There was an aberration in the data that made it questionable that these results were unreliable, and so we talked to other people at the school and discovered a couple other classes had results we wanted to review and look at," said district test coordinator Paul Felsch.

In a letter sent home to select parents in three classrooms, Principal Carol Barineau said the test would be re-administered and said to, "Be assured that this decision is in no way related to your child's behavior on the first test administration; he or she has done nothing wrong end."

When approached by Channel 6, Barineau said she wants it clear that students are not at fault.

"It has nothing to do with cheating, it certainly has nothing to do with children cheating."

The district is reinforcing the suspicion does not lie in students, but rather three teachers and how they prepared students for the test.

"We're just trying to ascertain whether the scores we have are valid and reliable scores and how they might have been affected by teacher behaviors," said Superintendent Jim Croteau.

Of all the parents who received the letter, two refused to let their children retake the exam. One parent was in tears. She said she knows two of the three teachers being questioned and doesn't think either of them would do anything wrong.

Felsch says teachers read the questions aloud to students on test day. Therefore, they get a hold of the questions ahead of time to familiarize them with the questions. Whether they shared that with the students though, the district is not saying. A report on the investigation is due at the end of the week.