Housing Struggles in Valdosta

For people such as younger singles or senior citizens on the lower end of the pay scale, affording a house in Lowndes County just isn't the same as it used to be, something the South Georgia Regional Development Center tries to improve.

"We want to make sure we have a variety of homes for a variety of incomes, both low to moderate, and then also starter couples, young professionals, singles, senior citizens, and then of course your mid and upper income levels," said South Georgia Regional Development Comprehensive Planner Anne-Marie Wolff.

The local Home Builder's Association reports Lowndes County ranks third in the state for housing prices, yet 103rd for income earned.

They say funding for the infrastructure for these communities should come from county SPLOST funds rather than impact fees, fees that they say would drive up the prices of homes.

"That's the way we need to finance the extension of our sewer and water through SPLOST funds, not through impact fees. No putting the burden of the extension on one group of people," said Home Builder’s Association President Carl Shapiro.

The county says that they are undecided on impact fees; however, they couldn't rely on the possibility of a SPLOST referendum that may or may not pass five years down the road.