FAMU's Outlook

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The glass is more than half full at FAMU. Those words coming from FAMU Provost Debra Austin at the State of Academic Affairs.
Austin says progress has been made at FAMU, with the school being named as a top university by Black Enterprise magazine and she doesn't want it to end there. On Tuesday, she asked faculty members to put student academic achievement first, to work on retaining freshman, moving them through general studies as fast as possible, and boosting graduation rates. She said the Sophomore class numbers are down this year and it cannot be ignored. Lewis Johnson, a FAMU associate professor of physics said, "I think the Provost laid out a vision and that's what we're looking for, goals and a road map and having policies and procedures in place so that we can get through the turmoil that we're going through now is something everybody is looking for." She also stressed the importance of adhering to GPA and fiscal standards. Austin says FAMU will be hiring up to 35 new "committed and qualified" faculty members for next year and the Board of Trustees also expects to name a permanent president in the next year.