Mailbox Bombs

Another makeshift bomb has been found inside a Tallahassee mailbox, and this time it exploded. Five homemade bombs turned up over the weekend along Centerville Road, two of them in mailboxes.

Officers were called to the latest site on Wilson Avenue Monday afternoon. Postal officials tried to brief carriers before they started deliveries Monday morning. Getting the mail just got a little scary for folks around Centerville Road.

Captain Hayward Walker says the sheriff's department picked up three bombs Saturday in a parking garage. The plastic bottles have been drained of chemicals and now sit in the sheriff's lab, waiting to be fingerprinted.

Meanwhile, letter carriers were put on the lookout Monday morning.

“Because we have knowledge of incidents over weekend, they proceed with caution in regards to anything that looks out of place.”

While anyone opening a mailbox might get nervous, officers urge caution, not panic.

“They're serious enough to cause bodily harm but not able to cause structural damage to a building or something like that.”

And, of course, if you find anything that looks suspicious, authorities urge you not to touch it, but to call the nearest law enforcement agency.

None of the five devices this weekend had detonated when they were found.