Security in Lowndes County Schools

Security is an area getting a lot of attention in Lowndes County as possible changes are being considered. Superintendent Steve Smith says the board is looking at several ways to improve security at schools around Lowndes County, and while there hasn't been any specific new threat, he says recent events around the U.S. prove a proactive step needs to be taken.

It’ the first day of school for the Lowndes County, and system leaders say they're already looking at ways to make everyone feel safer.

"Its made us reevaluate our policy in regard to schools, and in everything we do, the undertone is, is this safe, is this secure?" says Steve Smith, Lowndes County superintendent.

One of the ways Lowndes High is considered a model of security is its limited access to visitors.

"It’s one way in, one way out, we have a security guard at the gate, we have two full-time SRO officers on campus, we communicate by radio and cell phone, do random checks for weapons, drugs, that sort of things."

But the school's new principal says there is always room for improvement. That's why he, along with county school leaders are looking at an advanced security system for LHS. Administrators are still researching the system, but hope to have it watching over Lowndes High by January or the start of the next school year at the latest.

There will be some 2,800 students enrolled at LHS this year, and that's another reason why school leaders want to do everything possible to make sure everyone is safe.

The city school system is upgrading the number of security cameras and also testing the two-way radio systems school personnel use to make sure students in the city system are as safe as possible.