Back to School for the First Time

Students at the new East Gadsden High School can't help but show their enthusiasm for the new school. Monday morning as the school opened its doors more students were coming in to enroll. For one student the facility seemed overwhelming.

Former Havana Northside and James A. Shanks students say the facility was more than they expected.

"It's really beautiful out here and I hope everything turns out the way everybody wants it. So far everybody have a good attitude on the first day of school and that's great," says Treece Lewis.

"This is new, you have an attachment to Shanks for being there for three years, but it's exciting to know you have a new facility and new things to work with so you're sad leaving but we have a new beginning, everybody's excited," says Q’Vaunda Curry.

And those feelings have trickled down to the school's superintendent.

"This is the most exciting day we've had in Gadsden County for a long time. Everybody is smiling, everybody's excited, the parents are excited, I'm exited, this is a brand new facility and everything is going just marvelous, no problems at all so far today," Sterling DuPont said.

Several politicians came on campus Monday to lend their support as well as visit the school. The superintendent says there are roughly 1,250 students, but more are still enrolling and that number will likely increase.